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iNWS Mobile 1.0.1 Released
Posted Dec 23 2008 6:21 PM
We have released iNWS Mobile 1.0.1. It contains a small fix that allows the application to work on the new Blackberry operating system version 4.5. It is also backward compatible with older Blackberry operating system versions. Point your phone's web browser at to upgrade.
Bug Found in County Based iNWS SMS Alerts
Posted Dec 23 2008 6:12 PM
Thanks to feedback from our users, we have found a bug in iNWS SMS that is affecting alert areas that are created by county. Users may receive an alert for a county they are watching that was falsely triggered by a NWS product for a neighboring county. We are working to fix this bug within the next two weeks. There should be no action required by any iNWS user. We will post notification on this news page once the fix is in place. For the time being, if are are doubtful of the validity of any text message alert you receive, please verify it by browsing the NWS web pages at
iNWS Adds Alltel Support
Posted Dec 23 2008 5:54 PM
Alltel customers can now register with iNWS and receive text message alerts via iNWS SMS.
iNWS Mobile Version 1.0 Released
Posted Oct 15 2008 8:22 PM
Previously known as the Mobile warning Alert Messaging Application (MAMA), iNWS Mobile 1.0 improves upon the old prototype with an enhanced user interface, new data sets, and the ability to manage your iNWS SMS alerts remotely. See our products page for more information and installation instructions.
New Web Address for iNWS
Posted Sep 8 2008 9:51 PM
InteractiveNWS (formally NWSmobile) is now available at Please update your bookmarks. The old address,, will remain active while users transition to the new address.
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iNWS is an experimental service intended for NWS core partners, including emergency managers, community leaders and other government agencies only. You are encouraged to complete a short survey on iNWS. See the iNWS Service Description Document for more information.