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iNWS Text Message Alerts Limited to Warning Products
Posted May 13 2009 3:16 PM
Due to increased usage of our experimental service, iNWS Alerts, we have limited text message alerts to only those triggered by National Weather Service (NWS) Warning VTEC products and Aviation Weather Warnings. Advisories and Watches have been excluded. Most NWS Warning products are VTEC products as described at the VTEC information page. Alerts for all product types are still available via the iNWS Alerts email option. We will restore full text message alerts as soon as we are able to increase our text messaging capacity.
Important Change to iNWS User Profiles
Posted Apr 20 2009 4:44 PM
iNWS is an experimental service. Due to high volume and cost constraints we have temporarily disabled adding a phone number and text message alerts to all iNWS accounts. Please use email alerts while we work to increase our text messaging capacity.
Improvements to iNWS Alerts
Posted Apr 8 2009 11:03 PM
We have made some small but useful changes to iNWS Alert messages. We are now applying some smarter alert aggregation which will eliminate instances of receiving one alert for each of your alert areas even when only a single NWS product triggered all the alerts. Now you will receive one alert with your alert areas aggregated. We are also inserting a link at the the end of each alert that will take you to a simple web page showing the full text of the alerted NWS product and the NWS product overlaid with your alert area on a map. This web page is basic now and will improve over time. Enjoy!
Redundant Alerts Sent Feb. 11, 12
Posted Feb 12 2009 5:20 PM
iNWS experienced database problems late on February 11th through early February 12th. This caused some users to receive many redundant alert messages. These problems have been corrected and iNWS Alerts is functioning normally. We are sorry for any inconvenience this caused.
iNWS SMS Re-Branded as iNWS Alerts
Posted Feb 7 2009 12:16 AM
We have re-branded iNWS SMS as iNWS Alerts. The same text message alert functionality still exists in iNWS Alerts, but this change was made to reflect the additional option of email alerts which were enabled yesterday. To set your alert prefrences, log into iNWS and visit 'Update Account Information'.
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iNWS is an experimental service intended for NWS core partners, including emergency managers, community leaders and other government agencies only. You are encouraged to complete a short survey on iNWS. See the iNWS Service Description Document for more information.